Bible in One Year

Bible in one year

Bible in 1 year 750x500The session has been prayerfully looking at the church and its activities and ministries. We have been evaluating and are making a few changes. One particular change is that we are challenging the congregation to join us to read the Bible together each year! This years challenge will begin February 1, 2018 and end January 31, 2019. We will be reading the New Testement chapter by chapter usings a 5x5x5 plan. This means 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, with 5 ways to dig deeper.This is an exciting opportunity for all of us to dig into the Bible together.

Below, you will find a link to a pdf and a word version of our Bible Reading plan.

bible reading plan pdf

bible reading plan word


Please contact the church office or Rev. Cardelia with any questions.


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