In addition to the Rev. Cardelia Howell – Diamond, Christ Church is led by a church session, which is comprised of 5 elected members, serving a 3-year term. Please contact the church office to get in touch with our elders.

Our current Elders are:

  • Joel Bridges (class of 2021)
  • Frances Dawson (class of 2020)
  • Beau Beaufait (class of 2020)
  • Martha Fisher (class of 2022)
  • Travis Davis (class of 2022)

These leaders provide representation and pastoral support to the congregation. Each of the elders give direction and leadership to various ministry teams in the church:

  • Building & Property
  • Christian Discipleship
  • Worship & Music
  • Service & Outreach
  • Fellowship & Member Care
  • Stewardship & Finance

The Constitution of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church says elders:

2.71 Elders are the immediate representatives of the people, elected by them to share with ministers in the government and leadership of the church. The elders who comprise the session share with the minister in charge in the pastoral oversight of the particular church.

2.72 In caring for and leading the congregation which they serve, elders shall be particularly attentive to persons who have not confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, those who are spiritually weak, and those who need to be instructed in the faith. They shall visit the people in their homes, praying with and for them, especially for the sick, those who mourn, and others in need. They should encourage the people by word and example to share in the worship, study, witness and service of the church through a faithful stewardship of their time, talents, and money. They should inform the pastor of any concerns that need his or her attention.

2.73 Persons who fill the office of elder may be male or female, young or old. Elders share in the same vocation that belongs to all Christians to be witnesses to the gospel, but the vocation of this office places an additional responsibility of leadership upon them. They should exemplify the gospel by their good character, sound faith, wisdom, maturity of judgment, discretion, conversation, knowledge of the doctrine and government of the church, and competency to perform the duties of the office.

2.74 Persons who accept the responsibilities of the office of elder should engage in such study and preparation as are appropriate to the office, and during their tenure on the session shall continue to study in order better to perform their duties.